Jewellery Box

Nothing completes your holiday threads like a touch of jewellery. Whether it's a subtle pair of stud earrings or a statement pendant necklace, your accessories show off your signature style whilst adding a touch of femininity to your looks. Delve into the B London jewellery box and see what takes your fancy!

Laura Gravestock

The Laura Gravestock Heart ring is our best seller and a Millie Mackintosh favourite. But not just a pretty heart ring, Laura Gravestock has a whole range of dainty delicate pieces, spreading promise, love and luck in gold and sterling silver.

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Blee Inara

Blee Inara is a little bit hippy and a lot pretty. Each piece is original and handcrafted accompanied  with their signature eye charm to bring spiritual beauty and protect from bad energy.


Amanda Marcucci

There's something seriously special about Amanda Marcucci's unique necklaces. Made from semi-precious stones and charms, these designs are both statement pieces and natural beauties.



Beaded, woven and encrusted delights. Tai jewellery is a little bit bohemian with a touch of sparkle. The pendants set these designs aside with cute little turtles and quirky crystal wishbones.


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